TechBum is a blog about Software Engineering, Coding Interviews, and Personal Finance. Primarily authored by Kashyap Bhansali, an experienced Software Engineer who has worked on Enterprise and Consumer-facing products. Kashyap's primary technical interests include Distributed systems and Cloud infrastructure in his professional life, but he almost always ends up working across the stack including Front-end and Mobile app development outside work on personal projects.

What's in it for me?

  1. While pursuing my Master's degree, I started working as a part-time Computer Science Tutor, helping undergrad computer science with course content, programming assignments, and projects. It was the most satisfying job I ever had. Now that I am in a better place, I want to offer a helping hand to whoever seeks help.
  2. Being the least experienced person on the team, I have learned a lot from others that have contributed to my personal and professional growth. I'm willing to pay it forward by helping others grow in their tech career.
  3. I've been interviewing software engineers, and it is eye-opening to be on the other side of the table. This has helped me reflect better on the most common mistakes one can make, and I might have an insider perspective.
  4. Communication skills play a huge role in career growth. A polished software engineer is not only good at writing code but communicates well too. It takes practice to explain and present complex ideas in a simplified manner. No matter the medium: verbal or written. While writing will help me reach a larger audience, I want to get better at it.
    Fun Fact: This is not my first blog. I discussed it in a recent post about why I decided to start blogging again. You might want to check it out.
  5. Build an identity outside work. As most of the workforce moves toward remote working, especially after the COVID-19 situation, networking won't be as easy as striking a break room conversation while brewing your coffee. I want to utilize this Blog to build a thriving community of like-minded people growing their careers in tech. Become a community member by activating your account here or use the form below to subscribe to the TechBum Newsletter.

Apart from this Blog and my full-time job as a Software Engineer, I try to work on some meaningful side projects in my free time. I have become more mindful of how I spend my time now. As a student, I spent a lot of time experimenting with new technologies, side projects, and some Freelancing. All of these have positively contributed to how I grew my career. Also, I have some meaningful content in my pipeline. So stay tuned!


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