Launching TechBum's Newsletter - Newsletter #0

Passion for Software Engineering and Teaching
Passion for Software Engineering and Teaching

First of all, Thank you! 🙏

Thank you for signing up to TechBum. It has been a little more than a year since I started this blog. It started as a pandemic side project. I wasn't immediately sure what I would be writing about. But as my approach to most things in life I thought - I'll figure out as I go. The focus has been to adding more value to the existing pool on knowledge on the Internet.

I know most of you signed up to learn about Coding Interview Patterns and get some sort of Mentorship/Career Advice. Many of you have been waiting for new modules. All I can say is that I will try to share them soon.  This time I plan to do things differently. From the user behavior and feedback I realized written tutorials could be a little  hard to follow. Adding some images/short videos might be better. Next time I share a new post, please take a minute or two to respond to the email in your inbox with some feedback.

Moving on to the intent of this post, we are now 120+ members strong 💪 and TechBum's content has started ranking pretty well on Google Search.

TechBum's Google Search Console Impressions and Clicks chart

I have been waiting to see some validation like this before I took on this next steps of launching a Newsletter.

Why launch a Newsletter?

Many of our members are budding software developers and some are aspiring to get started on the dev journey. I wanted a way to share short-form content on a regular basis. A newsletter will enable me to connect with you more frequently. Topics could range from career advice,  personal growth and sharing useful content I come across on the Internet. I plan to write a weekly newsletter.

As always the goal is to keep creating value out of my experiences and my time spent on the internet. If you want to share comments / feedback on any of these newsletters or posts just hit Reply to the email.

See you in the next one!

Here's my  Twitter: @techbumio

P.S. I host this blog and my other software projects on DigitalOcean. They are offering a free $100 credit for 6 months to new users. Click on my referral link below to avail the credits. I am in no way sponsored by them. I just like their service 🙂.

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