Why I started blogging again and you should too

What proof of your knowledge and experiences are you leaving behind for the world to see?

Why I started blogging again and you should too

I started blogging almost 7+ years ago at techbum.blogspot.com. My content covered a wide variety of topics covering Technology, Gaming, SEO, and Adsense. If you glance through its content, you will notice most of the content lacks quality. Heck, I didn't even use a consistent font in my posts.

Despite this, I have a total of 91 posts up there and 70% of them have at least 2000+ views, 10% having at-least 10,000+ views and the remaining have less than 1000 views and all-time page-views sitting at somewhere around 273k+.

I am 3 years into my tech career as a professional Software Engineer in Silicon Valley and into my 5th year as an Indie hacker. I didn't think I have enough credibility to contribute or share my thoughts with the world, until very recently when I decided to resurrect the "TechBum" branding I came up with so many years ago.

If it isn't documented, it doesn't exist.

As a Software Engineer, we tend to write a lot. Not just code, but all kinds of Design docs, Emails, Code Reviews and Slack messages (it counts!). With every single line we write, we are expanding the knowledge base for the people we share it with. While you are busy producing content that is helping others at work, what proof of knowledge and experiences are you leaving behind for the rest of the world outside your workplace?

Sharing your experiences creates more engagement

I believe each and everyone has a unique story to tell or an interesting experience to share. It is that personal bit that makes me subscribe to a blog or listen to a podcast. More social peeps might want to connect with you on a social media platform like Twitter  or Facebook. This leads to more conversations and more exchange of ideas. This is how we all connect, build a network and grow!

Like most people, I don't enjoy writing as much as I like talking about something. If you are not a public speaker or a podcaster or a YouTuber, you cannot reach as many people. But with the blessing of the search engines, your ideas can reach and inspire a good number of people around the internet.

Helps you evaluate and think straight

Often a lot goes on in our minds with innumerable thoughts continuously flowing through our neurons. Writing acts as a way to filter out the noise from our thoughts. We usually write only what makes complete sense. Which means that if someone asks you to explain a concept and you cannot put it down in words, it means you don't understand it well enough. You stop over-thinking when you write it down. It helps to express yourself better thereby improving your communication skills.

Coming back to thinking about what I did right with my previous blog?

  • I was writing as I was learning. For example, I have some posts related to SEO and Adsense as I was actively freelancing at the time and helping clients with their websites.
  • I didn't fear to share my knowledge no matter how insignificant it feels now.
  • I was consistent in producing content.

This post has been sitting in my Medium drafts, until I decided to register TechBum.io on January 30, 2020 with high-hopes to consistently document my experiences from being an amateur dev to becoming TechBum😉.